before u follow!
i use they/he prns, i'm non-binary and a lesbian! any terms are ok with me. i'm 15 and biracial. i make kys/kms jokes (but only if we're close and you're okay with it) and i do use slurs i can reclaim on occasion. pls use tone indicators with me!

hi . . . my name is Luca!

other names: dana, berry, rin, fifi or val

:3 orange & blue, horror, girls, john green, rock/metal, psychology, bees, the rain, monster, iced coffee, astronomy/logy !
:c men /hj, math, comphet, warm weather, insensitive people, white cishets, my irl name, school, country !
don't follow pls!
[ ]phobic, racist, don't support non-she/her lesbians, sexualize minors, use slurs you can't reclaim, don't tw/cw, use fonts, support problematic people, cishets (current friends are okay), white people /hj

K-Pop Stray Kids, Loona, NCT Dream, Red Velvet, Itzy, StayC & more.

Other SOAD, Pierce the Veil, Nirvana, Pixies, MBV, Radiohead & more.